​Marvelous Mike, The Guru of

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I grew up a fan a pro wrestling during the Rock-in Wrestling era continued being a fan my entire life. With a degree in finance and education, my life took me away from pro wrestling. I have owned and operated a small retail business in Oklahoma for a number of years. Also, I have involved with many civic and charitable organizations. I am an accomplished songwriter, musician, and public speaker. Recently, I renewed my interest in pro wrestling. I have been a student of many different fields, now I am a student of pro wrestling. I have a passion for the business. My goal is one day to own and operate my own indy promotion, sharing my passion for pro wrestling. As I embark upon a new career path, I know there will be many bumps in the road, but I can be certain that I shall not fail. Currently, I am a writer for The Squared Circle (TSC) wrestling magazine, and fans can find my podcasts, articles, and opinions at ultimateworldwrestling.com. Follow me on twitter @realguruwrestle. Support indy wrestling, it is the life of the business.