Overcoming The Hate


Everywhere we look today, it seems we are faced a world full of hate. The major reason that I started this movement is that I felt the need to share a positive message to our families and communities. How do I overcome all the hate in the world? The process begins with us to live our lives above the hate. I have some simple steps each of us can follow.

1. Choose to hate less and love more.
2. Look at the positive, reject the negative.
3. The atmosphere we choose to live in, determines our attitude.
4. Daily have 'A quiet time' Start your day, with 'A Quiet time.' Eastern philosophy calls this 'Zen', christian, Islam, & Judaism call this prayer. Whatever term that you wish to call this, mediation works.
5. Do not become overwhelmed by the negativity of society.
6. Stress is bad. Stress isn't good for your health. Stress isn't good for your relationships. Find a hobby to relive your Stress.

I hope my brothers and sisters these simple things can help you on the path to a happier life. Join the movement today. Be Apart of the Love Revolution. Donate and help today. The Guru.