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Welcome to the Ultimate World Wrestling, 'less flips, more fists.' Our goal is to create a wrestling promotion that captures elements of each era to eterntain today's audience.  Below is  a concept video of how we envision wrestling, the way wrestling ought to be.  Pro wrestling should be the 'ultimate' entertaining experience.  At the moment our promotion, is in the concept phase.  My name is Marvelous Mike.  I am the founder of Ultimate World Wrestling.  I am hardcore wrestling fan, with a dream to entertain millions around the world spreading the postivity of pro wrestling.  At this point, we need help on getting the ball rolling.  Those interested in being involve should contact me, Marvelous Mike,, or my wrestling personality email,  You may follow on twitter, @realguruwrestle.  My lastest podcast, is below as well, and you can checkout podcast archive on the tab link to the left. 


​Marvelous Mike, the Guru of Pro Wrestling


The UWWF Concept​ 


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